September 28, 2015

The common cold

Depression is sinking in.  As bipolar II this is mostly what I experience.

The 'usual suspects'

  • Stopped helping out with dishes
  • Haven't shaved, showered, or brushed teeth
  • Motivation and discipline at work completely fallen off.  Got very little done yesterday.
  • No energy
  • Sleeping too much

Today is Friday.  I missed my Abilify 2 mg last Friday-Monday.  Just from stupidly not picking it up from the pharmacy.  When I took it Tuesday I thought I felt an immediate lift.  Mary thinks missing those days explains my feeling down now but I am a bit skeptical.  Abilify seems to work very quickly and I would expect I would bounce back.

I think it's more likely that I started to get sick on Thursday, a nasty cold.  Can feeling bad physically really trigger such a sinking?  I'm not sure.  I certainly do feel tired from it.  And it's hard to focus at work.  Not getting much done at work then triggers feelings of guilt which then feeds into more avoidance behavior.

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