October 8, 2015

Hypomania off the alcohol?

I stopped drinking 10 days ago.  I firmly believe it has been a destructive and unpredictable drug, affecting my sleep, nutrition, mood, and psychiatric medications.  Reading this thread has helped convince me it is truly a bad idea for bipolar -- Don't Mix Alcohol & Meds  I'm going to do my absolute best to stop it completely.  So far it has not been easy.  Alcohol has been a habit, something I do at night, and a go-to coping mechanism.

Last week I was depressed which I chalked up to a stomach bug.  I think getting over the illness, stopping alcohol, and difficult work stress has bounced me too high and I am borderline hypomanic now.  Perhaps it's some other reason, but either way I think it's happening.

Signs I might be hypomanic

  1. Unable to concentrate on work.  Very distractable.
  2. Waking early (even though do go back to sleep eventually)
  3. Increased interest in sex
  4. Increased activity (reading about medication, blogging)
  5. Doing tasks have put off for a long time
  6. Increased speech
  7. Elevated mood
  8. Doing more housework
Complicating factor is I go to see my psychiatrist tomorrow.  How much are the last two weeks relevant?  Talking with Mary this morning we agreed I should not change my medicine drastically before my work trip.  

Overall, things do not look good for me accomplishing much at work.  Which of course ups the anxiety.  Hoping some of this evens out...

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