October 13, 2015

Mixed state and medication update

Still quite jumpy and jittery as get back to work.  Sunday was very tiring.  I had about a thirty minute crying spell, felt exhausted, depressed, but antsy and restless at the same time.  It felt like maybe I was having a mixed state episode.  It was very unpleasant.

Monday I saw my psychiatrist and have moved Abilify up to 5 mg (from 2) and Cymbalta down to 90 mg (from 120).  Personally I suspect the Cymbalta is too high and will be happy to see it go down to 60.  But need to go slowly.

Tuesday I'm feeling a little better.  Less jittery.  Still apprehensive about my work trip next week and the work related tasks I need to get done before the trip.

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