November 10, 2015

New light box

I broke down and got a light box as the time change seems to be influencing me somewhat as far as energy levels and concentration.  I wasn't sure which model to get but asked on a CrazyTalk forum and someone recommended the Verilux 10,000 so it's now sitting to the side of my computer.  It's a bit pricey but I wasn't confident about some of the cheaper models.

So far it seems to be making a slight difference but it's only day four.  I've worked up to about 45 minutes.  It isn't triggering any mania.  I think it is helping a little with my energy level.  Yesterday I tried to take a lunch nap and was just unable to fall asleep.  I had done it out of habit and not really from a low energy level (bed does feel nice after all).  It doesn't seem to be helping with me being so prone to distraction and having trouble concentrating.  I see that as a symptom of depression and anxiety right now.

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