November 15, 2015

Work merger

So wow, this Friday there was a company webinar revealing that after 13 years the company I work for is merging with a much larger company.  I have one week to decide if I want to continue my job with that company.  I was so stressed out I could barely make it through the day.  I walked away from work at like 3:30.

The things I am grateful for
  1. I still have my job!
  2. I don't have to move to another city where there is an office.  I still get to telecommute.
  3. My salary did not change.
  4. I did not lose vacation days, I actually gained vacation days.

The big unknown is health insurance.  Phillip (my four year old with autism) goes to therapy four times a week for almost five hours a week.  It's not clear if we will have to reduce his therapy.  Also my drugs are not exactly cheap.  They are luckily all generic at this point, but I don't know what the expense will be there either.

I really don't have much of a choice.  I've got to continue working for the new company.  In this town there's no way I could make the same salary as I do now.  We would have to move which is just way too much stress.  Service for Phillip are decent, I don't want to remove Jacob from his school, and our families are here.

Ultimately it's a huge unknown now on the horizon.  Does it mean may more job security and a company insulated from turns in the economy?  Probably.  But we'll see what it's actually going to be like!

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