December 13, 2015

Mushrooms and paper clips

(In which the family freaks out)

Last Sunday we thought Phillip had eaten part of a mushroom in the back yard.  Mary found remnants of a mushroom that looked like it had been chewed up.  So we were pretty sure he had at least put it in his mouth and those fragments did not make an entire mushroom.

December 9, 2015

New work laptop paranoia

I haven't mentioned this yet, but the company I have worked at for ten years just got acquired by a much bigger company.  I went to Colorado for an orientation for two days.  I've had to take training courses on company harassment policy, security policy, etc.

I had to trade in my old laptop and was issued a laptop that has an encrypted hard drive.  I am unable to install any personal unapproved software which means I can't install MediaMonkey which is my favorite music player.  Even worse, after reviewing their crazy long security policy I found that I can't even store "personal entertainment files" which includes music.  How am I supposed to stay upbeat about my job without music to listen to?

What's worse is that the company has the right to scan my computer at any time to insure that I am complying with the security policy.  So now I'm paranoid they are tracking every keystroke, every website I visit, every piece of software.... everything.  Paranoia is a fantastic thing to experience on the job.  I call bullshit.

December 6, 2015

Home with Phillip

Jacob and Mary went to a rollerskating birthday party.  Neither of us wanted to chase Phillip around a roller skating rink so I stayed home with him.  I could see him running out onto the rink, ignoring everyone else, and really getting hurt.

After a lunch of grilled cheese and Cool Whip for dessert (this is not your child) I put Phillip "down for a nap".  This means turning the light off, singing a song, locking the door, and hoping he falls asleep.  If he gets upset or is still not asleep after 30-45 minutes we let him out.

I imagine the idea of putting a child in a locked room for nap and at night sounds pretty monstrous.  It might even be illegal?  If so, hopefully law enforcement has better things to do.  A few years ago I would have agreed such a thing made me a hideous parent.  I probably would have denied I would ever do such a thing.  We did not do such things with Jacob.  We repeatedly took him back to bed when it was time for a nap.  We had a baby gate but did not lock the door at night.  But Phillip is a different child.  There are huge safety concerns during the night.  He might leave his bedroom and could go any number of places.  He can climb over the counter and get into the kitchen if you're not watching.  He might even have an idea of how to get the door to the garage open but doesn't want to really go through it in case we catch him.  So in the middle of the night, with plenty of time, without us watching, there is no way of knowing what he might try or what he is already capable of.  If he got out of the house, he is determined to make it to the neighbor's pool.  He got out the front door once and ran straight to their gate.