December 13, 2015

Mushrooms and paper clips

(In which the family freaks out)

Last Sunday we thought Phillip had eaten part of a mushroom in the back yard.  Mary found remnants of a mushroom that looked like it had been chewed up.  So we were pretty sure he had at least put it in his mouth and those fragments did not make an entire mushroom.

As I was trying to follow Phillip around I happened to step on the pieces so that made it much more difficult trying to identify it later.  Cut to the chase, he's fine and never got sick.

When Mary got poison control on the phone, operator said that it would be better if he got sick within a few hours.  That means it was less poisonous.  The really bad ones make you sick 24-48 hours later.  What kind of messed up situation is that... to hope your child gets sick sooner rather than later?  I freaked out in typical fashion by shutting down and wanting to just sleep.  Total denial that anything was going to go wrong.  Of course, to outside parties this does not really look like "freaking out", but I just tend to not deal well with emergency with situations as they are happening.  Mary spent about twelve hours on Google trying to figure out what kind of mushroom it was.  Turns out that even mushroom experts can have a difficult time with this as even the same mushroom species can be different colors based on variants of that mushroom and how old it is.

Then this Friday, Phillip's aide was sure he had swallowed a paper clip.  This meant Mary had to take him down to urgent care to get an X-ray.  Cut to the chase on this episode, he did not actually swallow a paper clip.  Not so sure about this aide.  She seems to not be fully on board with what it means to monitor Phillip.  A not so funny aside, when you get an X-ray for Phillip, it means that you stand next to him trying to hold him still while wearing a lead apron.  Good times.

Image credit: Pixabay

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