December 9, 2015

New work laptop paranoia

I haven't mentioned this yet, but the company I have worked at for ten years just got acquired by a much bigger company.  I went to Colorado for an orientation for two days.  I've had to take training courses on company harassment policy, security policy, etc.

I had to trade in my old laptop and was issued a laptop that has an encrypted hard drive.  I am unable to install any personal unapproved software which means I can't install MediaMonkey which is my favorite music player.  Even worse, after reviewing their crazy long security policy I found that I can't even store "personal entertainment files" which includes music.  How am I supposed to stay upbeat about my job without music to listen to?

What's worse is that the company has the right to scan my computer at any time to insure that I am complying with the security policy.  So now I'm paranoid they are tracking every keystroke, every website I visit, every piece of software.... everything.  Paranoia is a fantastic thing to experience on the job.  I call bullshit.

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