January 20, 2016

Sick and furious

So the whole family is sick (yay).  Jacob has an ear infection.  Phillip probably has an ear infection but being non-verbal he can't really tell us.  And Mary is worst of all of us.  She probably has pneumonia, but hasn't gone to the doctor.

I've got body ache, sore throat, and a massive headache.  January is catching up with me I think.  The light therapy has definitely lessened my normal depression, but being sick in January just blows.

I went to bed around lunch and stayed in bed way too long.  Three people at work tried to get in touch with me while I was in bed.  That made me feel guilty and like shit because I didn't really mean to be in bed that long.  So the whole day just felt shot... like a complete fuck up.

Then, the cherry on the shit sundae.  The co-worker who I respect, am intimidated by, but also think is a bit of an asshole called me.  A month ago I had changed his code.  I should not have done it.  I apologized.  I told him to just undo the change.  I haven't looked at it for a month and he's been looking at it today.  The purpose of his call was to show me how all my changes were bad.  So instead of just listening to my response to just undo the changes, he had to walk through every one and question why I did it that way.  Fuck you.  I get it.  Just do whatever you want.  I apologized already.

A shitty day.  I am physically sick, mentally low, and emotionally raw.  Fuck being sick. Fuck January.  Fuck that guy.

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