February 17, 2016

SADS = no posts

It's really not surprising at all that I haven't posted from January 20th to February 17th.  This is one of the worst periods of the year.  I think somehow in conjunction with bipolar I have SADS.  Or maybe it's just the bipolar.  Either way I get seasonal depression here and during early July.  It's a toss up which is worse.

I do think the light box has alleviate some of my depression during this time.  It wasn't as bleak as it has been.  I also managed to keep up relatively high productivity at work, while other times during this year my productivity has suffered.  Work performance is an obvious barometer for my mental health (as well as housework).  At times it did all seem too much and I lagged behind on the laundry etc.

Last weekend was rough as Mary discussed how critical it was we concentrate on in-home family therapy for Phillip before his 5th birthday.  The neuroplasticity really slows down after 5.  She has been watching many videos on autism talks from the University of California San Diego.  This was very distressing and overwhelming to me.  It feels like such a monumental task.

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