March 16, 2016

Shit falls apart

That's what is happening these days... shit seems to be falling apart.

The house
Our house is losing 25 gallons an hour.  There are no obvious internal signs like wet carpet etc. so at least we got that going for us.  But we can't figure out what it is.  The plumber is coming tomorrow.  Hopefully it's just the toilets.  Hopefully the home warranty will cover the repairs.  Otherwise I'm not sure what the hell we're spending $60 a month on.

My work chair

Sat it on today.  Half the seat fell in.  It can be repaired and Mary got all the information off the bottom, which was so kind and thoughtful.  She could tell I was pretty grumpy about the whole thing.

I think it's interesting I got this chair in January of 2007.  I was unmedicated, terribly depressed, and in a lot of pain.  January is the month of bad impulse control.  Phones get upgraded, electronics purchased, scratch-offs, etc. etc.  This chair is an unbelievable $1,000.  I dropped that no problem... without looking back.

My work computer
It's not really my work laptop, but the virtual machine for spinning up the latest release.  Somehow by interacting with source control and requesting, cancelling, then requesting an operation again I seem to have completely hosed my environment.  If I don't get it fixed, then I don't know what my co-worker will do.  He doesn't know how to fix it.  I'm only writing this post because I have rebooted the machine three times trying different things to fix it.

Image credit: water leak chairburnt computer

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