April 5, 2016

Bipolar On Fire Blog

I've been reading a lot of bipolar related blogs at the Bipolar Blogger Network and one of my favorites is Bipolar On Fire.  There is a wonderful mix of honesty, humor, and stream of consciousness coping with bipolar that I think many blogs aspire to.  For example, in this post the author makes light that her most read post is about a celebrity's anus.  Not to say that the she isn't aware of general knowledge and trends that are out there in relation to mental health.  For example, in this post she summarizes and reflects on spoon theory and why she thinks it is suspect.  Overall I find myself interested in her struggles, her daily life, her well being, and her insights.

So how has she influenced my own "online journey"?  I guess I'd like the same combination of humor and daily life that I mentioned earlier.  I'm not striving to report the latest bipolar research or summarize psychology and psychiatry.  There are lots of blogs and resources that do that.  I do want a kind of diary but with larger reflections about what it means to be bipolar.  Nobody cares that much what you had for breakfast... unless perhaps breakfast represents a challenge related to bipolar... or you made an exotic meal because you were manic... or you had leftover pizza because you were depressed.  I take that back, breakfast could be interesting.

Image credit: drawn by me (can't you tell?) :)

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