April 4, 2016

Good news finds it way in

Great news!  Phillip went to get checked by the school nurse and he is lice free and was able to return to school.  Thank goodness.  We feel like we can breath a little easier and the house is feeling more like a home than a source of infestation.

After a morning of getting little work done, I have moved into bed with my laptop.  While extremely cozy, this is an undoubtedly bad idea.  I think I’m making the odds a million to one that I get anything else done.  I’m not entirely sure why I’m so unproductive today.  I can’t quite distinguish the boundaries between anxiety, apathy, and a general unwillingness to work.
My performance last week is starting to feel like a predictor of this week.  Very anxious about my task for this week, have to turn some of the software upside down to do something it was not initially designed to do.  That is intimidating.  Each minute wasted feeds into the anxiety and makes it all that more overwhelming.  Nothing new there, that’s how dodging work always feels to me.  It’s never very satisfying and I can’t relax that night knowing how little I got done.

Besides anxiety and apathy, the recently discovered fun of Twitter and Feedly are a huge distraction.  I’m collecting blogs to read and people/organizations to follow.  It’s as if I’m just now discovering all that is out there on the Internet about bipolar and autism.  Unfortunately for Phillip, most of the autism content is anecdotal and will not directly help me be the best dad I can be for him. I still think it’s a good thing for me to read about other dads that have kids with autism even if there aren’t specific techniques or anything like that. It feels like an act of acceptance and one step closer to getting educated and becoming his advocate.

Mary called with more great news that APD is going to cover all of Phillip's tuition to go to camp this summer.  This is absolutely fantastic as it could cost us up to $1,250 to send him to camp for five weeks.  Now we won’t have to worry about that cost at all!  Something to be truly grateful for today!

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