April 12, 2016

Why I am going to blog about my bipolar medications

(In which I act superior)

Update: I've decided I'm not really going to write about my medications.  Not specifically.

I must first say that the obvious reason I'll talk about my medications is because no one is reading this and I'm anonymous.  I have a disclaimer stating I'm an idiot, ahem, not a professional.  If you think you should learn anything from my medications you should not.

I just don't want to dance around not mentioning what they are, how they change, their side effects, whether I think they are working etc. etc.  It would just be too much effort.  If you really want to go looking for anecdotes and advice from strangers you could go over to the CrazyMeds forum... not that I advise that or anything.  Go to reputable sites, talk to your pdoc, do your own research.

Anyway, I just started reading lots of blogs starting with those on the Bipolar Blogger Network but then trying to find others.  I haven't been on the Interweb much looking for bipolar information which is understandable since I've been relatively stable.  Why go looking for trouble?  People research a runny nose and end up with thinking they have an ultra-rare form of cancer.  The Interwebs be dangerous seas matey which hypomania has only recently set me sailing upon.

So I was inevitably going to come across Natasha Tracy since she is so well known.  She irks me just a little.  Part of it is her robo-tweeting of the same blog article over and over.  More significantly is this recent post about why she doesn't publicly reveal her bipolar medication or treatment plan.  However, in an earlier post she acknowledges that she does discuss treatment plans she doesn't like.  She points out some (including me!) find it hypocritical.  It's refreshingly honest she points out the potential double standard there, but in the more recent post she does not reference it.  That makes it sound as if she's been consistent the entire time.

Her reasons for not talking about it (and why they don't apply to me)

  • People will copy it (see first paragraph, no one is going to copy me!)
  • People will judge it (see first paragraph, no one is reading so no one is going to judge!)
  • Treatment plans are individual (see first paragraph, I'm trying to say that too!)
  • In her comments she talked about how she is sort of a public figure and needs some privacy etc. to keep the haters away (see first paragraph, really, no one is listening!)
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