October 2, 2018


(In which I am a pseudo-intellectual... or at least try to be)

So I had this philosophy professor who was a prison guard and a tugboat captain.  While he was a tugboat captain he was reading Aeschylus.  He became so enthralled, so curious, so awesome that he decided he would teach himself Greek so he could read it in the original Greek.  That is a scholar mofo's.  That is someone we could all aspire to be but all will probably all fall short.

Anyway, I've been reading Greek tragedies to fall to sleep at night.  I like to think some of it just absorbs into my psyche.  Like the greatness just wears off.

But of course it doesn't.  And I'm just an ass thinking somehow this makes me a more sophisticated person.  In my defense, I do know what happens in Antigone, Electra, etc.  The Trojan war was basically one giant clusterf***.

On the work front I've missed deadlines (yet again).  Our supervisor is growing increasingly impatient and fed up with all of us.  In my opinion, we are all doing our best.  I've been working deadline hours including the last two weekends.  I'm not working 8 hours every Saturday and Sunday... more like 3-4.  Nevertheless it is soul crushing to work 15 days in a row (and counting).

I "let myself" off the wagon.  I figure if I'm going to be writing code at 10:00 pm, the least I can enjoy is a tall boy.  Which of course turns into drinking every day, drinking after work is over, just drinking and drinking.  So work stress + sleep debt + alcohol must just be fabulous for my mental health.  Hint: it's not.

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