May 3, 2019

Axiom (Nonsense)

(In which I'm under the influence and make no sense)

I don't feel quite right.  Bit guilty really.
Read it in a book, it was underlined
My computer sounds like a jet engine.  I fear it will die soon.
Vampire Weekend on Spotify with a beer
Whew I am tired
This is a nonsense picture I created on my phone from stolen images found on Google and Tumblr.
As usual it has been way too long since I've posted.  I often think about posting but it just doesn't happen.  I post a lot more on Tumblr since it's so fast

I've been consuming a lot of drugs and alcohol lately.  Playing with fire, I know.  However, I've tried some rationing efforts that are more or less working out so far.  It's fairly predictable.

Had a birthday go by.  It was nice.  Birthdays aren't really such an enjoyable experience.  It's the cliche that time starts to go faster and faster as you age, but it really is true for me at least.

Our wedding anniversary is coming in a month and it's a significant one.  I think we have one joking gift idea for the two of us.  But I'm not sure how serious it is.

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