August 5, 2019

Follow the dreaming

(In which I try to keep it together, but am clearly failing).

The last breath.  You wish you knew.  Not sure if anyone could ever really know.  Occasionally I find myself thinking about that.  I suppose it's a maturing and sensing mortality?  Or July.  It could very well be July.  But tomorrow is August.  It seems like any effects of July would be over by now.

Round up the usual suspects.  The first counselor I ever had.  He was with the college.  Whenever something went wrong, that was what he said.  It's probably the usual stuff.

My mind is kind of going faster than I can comprehend right now.  I feel like a fucking genius that I am even able to make a blog post.

The stress is unreal these days with work.  Our product is months behind what was expected by my boss's superiors.  It is embarrassing.  El Salvador is off most of next week so that is just some fucked up shit as far as having enough people to work.

Mary is starting work tomorrow.  She has training all week next week.  My parents will be here Friday and then three days next week.  I am taking off for the day tomorrow.  I need to remember to set my own alarm so I can get up like a responsible person. 

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